LISS Habitat Restoration Database - Project Detail

Caumsett State Park Coastal Grassland Restoration

Caumsett State Park Coastal Grassland restoration site during restoration (July 2013-photo NYSDEC)

Post restoration photo of the Caumsett State Park coastal grassland site (photo NYSDEC-June 26 2016)

Field Value
Project Title Caumsett State Park Coastal Grassland Restoration
Project Location Huntington, NY
Site Name Caumsett State Park
Water Body Oyster Bay
Habitat Type Coastal Grasslands
Acres 25
Degradation Description Invasive species
Status Monitoring: Photo monitoring plots, with photos being taken after each step of implementation. Vegetation monitoring- transects and small subplots. Collect % cover of species. Wildlife surveys- record what was found Farmer: removed the hedgerow, scraped the mugwort area, mowed fields, tilled the core areas, core areas were disked 4 times. Core areas were dominated by invasives. Rye was planted as a cover crop of rye and used straw bales to prevent erosion for the winter season. Mugwort areas were covered with a plastic tarp. Debris from the hedgerow was chipped.
Project Description The goal of the grant was to transform a field that for decades had been used for cattle grazing, into a native grassland, able to support the many species that are grassland dependent. The project had 2 facets:1) removal of the existing vegetation, which included several large, longstanding populations of invasive plants; 2) plant native grasses and wildflowers on the site.
Restoration Technique Mowing / mulching
Soil / Substrate Tilling
Funding Sources National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - Long Island Sound Futures Fund Program
Project Partners The Caumsett Foundation
NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation
Completed 2015-05-31